A new way to play in Ableton Live

The success of making the Strata hardware available for you to purchase depends on your engagement and support.

Show your support by helping Strata reach it’s funding goal.

Kickstarter is website for crowdfunding, a form of fundraising, that helps startups such as Envision Sound raise the nessesary funds to manufacture and deliver new products via presales.

The crowdfunding campaign is now live, and will be running through October 30th!

Join the Strata [Beta] Testing Group

For limited time, Envision Sound now has a fully-featured GUI application version of the Strata control system, availble for trial. Sign up to join the forum, and receive your copy.

The Strata GUI is your to test, free of charge,

but requires

ClyphX Pro

which must be purchased.

Sign up for the forum to join.

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Your chance to particpate in the design.

Not only does beta testing allow you to try out the Strata system, but via the forum, you have the opportunity to provide feedback that will help to complete the final hardware desing and feature set.

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