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Strata, a new way to play in Ableton Live

How Strata differs from Push II

  Strata is designed around a combined style of grid controllers and beat pads, but the similarity largely ends at this aesthetic. Rather than the grid to be used as a clip launching matrix, step sequencer, or polyphonic note-play surface, it is used primarily as a menu of modes and options, track selectors, and mixer…
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In the Press

From September 6th, 2019: In Matrix Synth via Isotonik Studios https://www.matrixsynth.com/2019/09/new-envision-sound-strata.html From November 22nd, 2018: In Gear News

Development History

The development of what has become Strata began around 2009, in effort to make a seamless system of production and performance, to overcome issues found in transitioning from studio to stage. The goal was to make an integrated and accessible way of accessing the functionality of drum machines, digital vinyl functions such as loop rolling…
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